sábado, 23 de junho de 2012

Nature Journal - In the Making - Part 2

This handmade journal is meant to be my winter nature journal and at first had a simple plan to make it easy and fast, in order to have it ready for the winter solstice.
Well, thing is that new ideas came up while I was cutting and sewing the signatures and I couldn't help myself but complicating it a bit more ( Ha! Like if I could do differently!).
I thought a fabric cover would be nice, but which fabric? Hmm... a blue one, with a rustic feeeling.. Ok.. I don't have any like that in blue... let's choose one and paint. 
And so I did, cut a piece of natural cotton, middle weight, found a brush and some leftover blue silk paint from my stash and a blue fabric was done. Using this paint is part of a goal I set myself this year, on putting to good use the old supplies that are forgotten in some hidden place at the studio.

Cool! It's a beautiful blue, this one.. (although, it's not a good photo to show it, but anyway.. you've got the idea :)
Hmm..now.. it's calling for something else.. maybe a printed pattern? Yes.. definitely a printed pattern. 

Which one? 
Searched through my handcarved stamps.. none that suits me...maybe the ready made ones? Nopes.. nothing like what I imagined. 
Ok, let's make one, then.

I took a precious little german book on wildflowers, a small treasure that I won from T's grandma, got some inspiration, sketched a few little flowers, chose one. 

That's it. Let's carve it.

After some tests, I was pretty much satisfied with the stamp. 

So, time to print! The color choice was easy, I had it clear in my mind already, as I really like the effect of white on blue.

And there it is! Done.

I had a lot of fun doing all this and I'll probably repeat the process other times, to have some different and personalized fabrics prepared. I do like some of the beautiful designer's commercial printed fabrics, and I have quite a few, I have to say, but when I am creating from scratch I think the results I get translate much better what I had in mind and what I am able to create. (not to mention how fun it is to try out our skills on different techniques :P )

Now, what's next? Ah, ok.. making the cover :)

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  1. the result is really lovely ! I also like it a lot ! Well done !

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  3. A most lovely piece! Love the tiny daisy stamps and the white on the blue.

  4. Love your little flower stamp, looks so lovely in your fabric, are you using some ink for fabrics?

    1. Holla Alejandra! I used left overs of a fabric ink to paint the fabric blue, but for the stamp itself I used a white pigment ink pad. Glad you like it :)

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